Thursday, August 21, 2014

Proselyte in Buenos Aires

¡Hola everyone!

Mom, Lindsay, and Aunt Kat and family,  THANK YOU for your letters!  I got them on Thursday, right after I finished emailing, so I wasn´t able to email you back and tell you.  I am pretty sure that I have read them at least a dozen times in this past week.  I sent replies that should be sent out tomorrow morning in the pouch, so we will see!  thankyouthankyouthankyou!

This last week just flew by!  Lots of classes, lessons, more classes.  Not very many exciting things happened, but the one cool thing was that we went proselyting on Saturday.  

We all rode a bus to our area.  My companion and I were the first ones to get off, kind of like the tributes in the hunger games.  they just dropped us off on the curb, said be back to the same place by five, and don´t be stupid.  I was really nervous, because I still don´t understand most of what the natives say when they talk at normal speed.  That being said, it was a really good experience.  Our first contact was an old lady who couldn´t even understand what we were saying:)  Naturally, we didn´t even figure this out until about halfway through the conversation, but she was cute and nice. Our second contact was actually a member.  We got a referral from her for her sister, who was meeting with the elders but because she lives alone had to stop meeting with them,,,,?  that is what I got out of it, but who knows.  Siesta was a KILLER.  We finally just gave up and had our lunch break, because no one will answer the door because they are either asleep or like "what kind of psychos are knocking on doors during siesta?"

I really loved it, and even though I couldn´t understand very well, i know that Heavenly Father helped us to be a conduit for his spirit as we taught His children.

This new group of Latinos is definitely different than the last ones.  They don´t really have a need to talk with us, so we don´t talk to them nearly as much as we did the last group.  They leave this next Tuesday for their missions, and so does the other group of Norte Americanos, so Hermana Boehmer and I will be the only sisters in the CCM for 2 days.  Weird right? And then we will get a MASSIVE group of 65 North Americans.  it will definitely be a different experience for them, because there will be no latinos to talk to and interact with.  None of them (the latinos) are from Paraguay, mostly Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Chile.  One girl was talking to me the other day, and i had no idea what she was saying!  Turns out it was Portuguese, which sounds really...odd.

The food is still good...we had a form of pizza was actually really good, with grilled tomatoes and ham...not costco pizza, but hey, take what we can get, I guess.

The little distribution center here takes american dollars and gives back pesos, so I have about 50 pesos, which is like $6 just to take proselyting with me.  I found that I forgot basketball shorts...which just stinks.  so..physical activity is a joy in my jeans.  it is so hot and humid here, and it is only winter!

Hermana Boehmer is doing great!  Her Spanish is slowly progressing, but she can definitely bring the spirit into a lesson, which is just great because it is the spirit that converts people, definitely not the missionaries.

My Spanish is slowly getting better...just the more I speak it, the more phrases I know and can understand.  I am starting to lose my grammar is all over the place, and popular gospel words like la Expiación (the atonement) and el evangelio (the gospel) have become Spanish.  I know that the only reason I have been able to survive this far (not even that far!) is because of Christ and His Atonement.

I think that will be all for now...but I hope that everyone has a wonderful week, know that you are in my prayers (which are like 100x longer now).  I love you!


Hermana Farish
Wow!  Lovely Ladies!

What is so funny?

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