Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Almost there!


Hello everyone, how was your week?:) My week here at the CCM has gone by SO fast.

To start off, we went to the temple last P-day, and I am finally starting to understand the language!  It is a good feeling.

It is so cold here! When it rains the wind cuts through you like a knife and the rain is like ice. So, like the smart, sane people that missionaries are, we decided to go play soccer out on the basketball courts in the rain...yeah, definitely not a good idea.  It was so fun though, and we got so wet. The CCM president´s wife was like...if you get sick, don´t come crying to me, because this is your own fault. we just shrugged and did it anyway.

Proselyting was so awesome on Saturday. it always takes a couple of contacts to get into the groove, but once we got there, it was good. We didn´t reach our goal of 50 contacts, but we got 40 and that is more than last week, so we were happy. We were knocking on doors when we met a guy that we had contacted last week but hadn't received his reference.  He invited us in, brought in his son and his wife, and we proceeded to teach our first real lesson on the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. Oh my goodness, it was amazing to watch the light on these peopleés faces when we told them that families can be together forever. However, when we knelt to pray afterwards, we asked David (the father) to say it. we told him how and bowed our heads, waiting...well, apparently we forgot to tell him it needed to be out loud, so about 10 seconds later, Hermana Boehmer and I looked at each other and were like...What....? But he said his personal prayer and looked happy, so we think it was a success. Just something to remember!:)  One interesting experience that we had was with our last contact of the day, who said, while pointing to the area that we had been walking around all day, that because we are young, American, and pretty, it was dangerous and we needed to leave...yeah, that was a confidence booster. But as we walked away from that, I had a feeling that we were being protected. Heavenly Father was definitely keeping us safe, I know that to be true. There were people we needed to reach in that area, and Heavenly Father made it possible for us to do so. We will have a new area next week, so we will see how that works.

We watched an MTC devotional by Jeffrey R. Holland on Sunday, affectionately nicknamed "the grow up devotional".  He really gets into your face, to the point that by the end, we all felt like failures and lower than dirt. However, he said that we need to give a heroic effort always, to the point that we need to be carried home. Whether or not that is an exaggeration, I hope to be like that and to give my all to the Lord and his work.

We had a little blonde bombshell dropped on us on Tuesday. Hermana Greene, from Mesa, AZ was supposed to go to her mission on Tuesday in Argentina, but her Mission president wasn´t home, so we got her until this next tuesday. She was only at the provo MTC for two weeks because her spanish is so good, so when she came, Hma. Boehmer and I were like...crappy. But she is way nice, and it has been interested to work as a trio. Hard, but it is teaching me how to adjust. It has also taught me that the fact that Hermana Boehmer is my companion was a tender mercy.

Mom, Guess what they still have here in Argentina? SHEPHERDS PIE. I was like, ¿En serio?  Oh, and the misison president's wife made no bake cookies, that was a happy day. And we had a party Monday night before the other North American sisters left. Party meaning we passed around a Symphony bar and cried a little.  Pathetic, right?
I am loving it here, and time is going by so incredibly fast. I love the Book of Mormon, and I love this gospel. Predicad Mi Evangelio is my new best friend, and I hope that those who are preparing to go on missions, as well as those who want more missionary opportunities, will read and study it.  It builds your testimony and allows you to study the gospel in a basic, simple and very powerful way. Alma 7:11-14.
I love you, and am grateful for your support!


Hermana Farish

All of the North American sisters!

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