Thursday, September 4, 2014

I can almost say that I am 1 18th of the way done...:)

Hola Everyone!

¿Como están? It has been a pretty sameish week here at the CCM. Even though I say that, it has gone by so fast, and the next time I talk to you I will be in Paraguay! How psycho is that? We have begun to hear some wild stories about the Northern deserts in Paraguay, like jaguars, Indian natives, and crocodile for dinner...I am sure that for the most part, they are made up, but hey, who knows?:)

I am excited to go to my mission, but there is definitely some nervousness, what with the language and new companions, new country, new food...but I know that the Lord will pick up the slack and made it possible. I am definitely ready to leave the CCM that is for sure!

I will be leaving around 4 to 5 Tuesday morning for Paraguay. The flight is only about 2 hours. I will have some time to email you on Monday, but we are not allowed to call home, probably because it would take some major therapy to refocus:)

Hermana Boehmer will be heading off to Salta, Argentina when these six weeks are over, and it will be hard to have a companion that I don´t click with as well, but oh well:) She is progressing in the language, and proselyting this week went better than before. We were in a new area that was a tiny bit more wealthy, so we weren't sure how we were going to be accepted, but it went really well.

We met our goal with 54 contacts in 4 hours, and we invited two people to be baptized. That was hard for us, because if we go up and talk to people for 5 mins, we are supposed to invite them to be baptized? We are still coming to terms with that. We know that we were able to meet our goal because we try hard to be exactly obedient, and because of that, we are blessed to be able to find those who are ready to accept the gospel.

We talked to a homeless guy on the corner for a few minutes, taught a mini-lesson and asked for his reference. He wrote "barbinto"(we think) and then in the address column, wrote "te amo". (I love you) yeah, we weren't really sure how to take that one, but whatever:)

We met a little old man who was so nice, and we had a really great conversation. We were going on about the plan of salvation when he asked a really good question. "if babies have no sin, why are some born with diseases and infirmities." We turned to Moroni 8 and tried to have him read the verse about how perfect little children are alive in Christ and are saved, but he would have none of it. it broke my heart to have him reject what we had to offer, and all we could do was say that God loves all his children, including him, and that whatever trials we have in this life will be compensated for beyond what we can imagine in the next life. We bore our testimonies and walked away, and I was seriously almost in tears. This gospel is everything that we have, and all the hope that we have in this life we owe to it.

Anyways, it has been a good week. Lots of learning experiences and adjustments. I love you and I hope you have a good week, be safe and obedient! Alma 57:21


Hermana Farish

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