Monday, March 30, 2015

Fish Eyeballs and 70 Degree Weather

So...this week was kind of a weird week, but I don't have a lot of time so I will sum it up.

First off, I ate 3 fish eyeballs. Does that mean that I finally have the true love of Christ?  I ate fish eyes to avoid offending someone?  Eesh.

We had an amazing zone conference on Thursday, which focused on using the Book of Mormon to teach and help people resolve their doubts.  I love going so much.  I think that they honestly recharge our us to keep going.  Really, the Book of Mormon is so perfect, and I know that if we have problems or questions, if we read the Book of Mormon on a regular basis and study it sincerely, we will be able to receive revelation. There are a lot of examples in 3rd Nefi that talk about how when Nefi read the Book of Mormon, he always meditated in what he read, and then afterwards was able to receive personal revelation.  In D&C 88:118, it talks about how we need to read from the best books and we will receive answers and inspiration through faith and sincere study.

Zaida is a little bit better...she is on a tournament handball team, and her team was going to play on Sunday mornings, and we told her to pray about it and she did and her games were switched to Sunday afternoon, which still isn't all that great, but at least she can see the results of her prayer.

I have been thinking lately that I am so imperfect.  I cannot even express to you how imperfect I am. It seems like every time I think I have something going well, Heavenly Father humbles me again and helps me to realize what I need to work on...dangit.

We tried to go back to Paula, and got flat out rejected.  She doesn't want to talk with us anymore, and we have no idea why.

Other than that, really, this week wasn't all that crazy, just working in the wonderfully cool weather with a light rain...summer is over!!!!  WOOOHOOO!  Is it bad that I have to wear winter clothes because I am freezing to death and it is only 70 degrees?  Bad sign.

My birthday was awesome!!!  So many people did so many things to help me have a good day, and I loved every second, it was perfect.  I woke up to a decorated desk and my companion singing happy birthday with a candle and pancakes.  I was so surprised.  I straightened my hair Wednesday night and woke up the next morning to a beautiful light was awesome.  Seriously. We ran to the zone conference, where the zone sang to me happy birthday, and then afterwards my district leaders surprised me with brownies and a singing, moving candle.  We always laugh because they are like the presidents of the relief society...because we are all sisters.  But hey, they do a pretty good job:)

After the zone conference, we went to Hilda's house for lunch, and I had worn a skirt she gave is really nice looking and comfortable...she gives us so much it honestly makes me uncomfortable. We just found out that she will be moving to a different stake.  I hope she keeps her testimony strong.

Afterwards we just worked, and then at 7 a less active family gave us dinner and sang happy birthday again to me, in Guarani, Spanish, and English.  Afterward I was able to go home and open the wealth of gifts..seriously, it was SO fun to open the packages.  I loved the letters and Lindsay's giant heart, and I kept every single one of the post-its...I don't have enough charity to share the pretzel M&Ms, I think that will come in the next life:)  And the clothes that grandma sent fit me perfectly....I may have to lose like 5 pounds for the brown skirt, but everything else was perfect.  I laughed when I saw the new shoes, and then looked at my shoes after 8 months in the mission..eesh.  I am not sure I want to wear any of the clothes because they are so nice...:)

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week.  I am sorry that this is so short and rather odd!

Hermana Farish

My companion decorated my desk for my birthday!

Hilda helping me celebrate my birthday.

My birthday cake after zone conference

Blowing out my singing candle!

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