Monday, March 23, 2015

Awesomeness All Around!

We had another really crazy week...things are just insane!

To start off, on Friday, we had an amazing experience.  The mission planned an open house for a chapel in our zone, and we were invited with 3 other companionships to head over and give tours of the chapel.  We weren't sure at first how it was going to work out, but by the end, it was awesome! 

The tour started out with a recording, the one that you listen to in the visitor's center when you are in front of the Christus.  Afterwards, there were banners talking about the life of Jesus Christ, the prophets, the Book of Mormon, and the family.  It was short, but so powerful.  After that part, the people were led to the baptismal font, where elders dressed in white were waiting to explain baptism to them.  All of the auxillary organizations were there, with presentations about their specific organizations.

At one point, not a lot of people were coming in who weren't members, so we went outside to contact people and invite them to participate.  We contacted 2 youth, and it was AWESOME.  We began with the Christus, the life of Jesus, and all of that, and when we got to the family, I asked the boy about his family and it turns out his mom died about a year ago from cancer.  I was able to testify to him about eternal families, and how our message and the Atonement of Jesus Christ made it possible to see his mom again.  The Spirit was SO strong, and they gave a ton of references to the missionaries, and set up an appointment for the missionaries to visit them and their families.  Even if this open chapel was only for these two people, it was SO worth it.

On a slightly less spiritual note, we totally felt like temple square missionaries.  Seriously, we were specifically told to look professional, and with the whole tours of the church thing...we had a good time with that...laughing all day.

Also, Hilda and Zaida were baptized this weekend!  We were so happy, they both have been working with the missionaries for almost a year.  Hilda was struggling a little, because there were some nasty rumors going around that we pay people to get baptized...eesh.  Lots of people were bashing her and just doubting her decision.  But, she made it through and was able to take this huge step.  She doesn't really have ANY support from her family, and we hope that she will be okay.

Zaida's parents came to the baptism, and had a wonderful experience.  One of the members of the ward put on the video of the Restoration, and the mom of Zaida began to cry, and also cried when the missionaries sang "A Child's Prayer" for a musical number.  It was such a special experience!:)

I was reading this morning in Mosiah 4 about repentance, and when the people began to feel their worthlessness, and how they had to humble themselves and give their hearts to the Lord.  I loved when it talked about the joy that filled their souls after they received the remission of their sins.  In Alma 36, Alma is talking about his experience with repentance, and how, even though his pain and anguish was deep and bitter, it didn't even come close to the sweetness and depth of his joy when he knew that he was clean, pure, and completely forgiven.  I challenge you all to take advantage of this repentance process, humble yourself before the Lord and feel of this joy:)  I know it works, and I know that it helps us to be better and be happy.  I love this work, it is what I love to do, and I hope that we can all press forward and remain firm in what we know to be true:)

Hermana Farish

Hilda before her baptism

Zaida before her baptism

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