Monday, January 26, 2015

The Frozen Miracle

Dear Family,

I don't have a lot of time, but this week was probably one of the most difficult of my mission thus far.  We worked so, so hard this week, searching for new investigators to teach, and we found some.  We fasted on Tuesday and on that day we had a couple of fun little miracles.  We went to talk to an investigator, didn't get in, and we started to walk away and were about halfway down the street when I realized that I didn't have my agenda, so we walked back, got it, and when we walked back down the same street, we heard someone blasting classical music.  We hadn't heard it the first time, so my companion just walked up and asked who it was and what it was and all that.  She said that I played the piano and the lady became all friendly and showed us her nice piano, and (here is the crazy part), I had my Frozen music in my backpack for the first time in my mission.  They had a granddaughter there who LOVED LOVED frozen, so we sat down and I played and she sang everything in spanish!  We were a hit:)  It was seriously a blessing, and when we began to talk to them, the guy had read half of the Book of Mormon like 10 years ago, but for some reason we don't know yet, he wasn't baptized.  When he started to talk to us about Brigham Young, we were like...WHAT???? How does he know about Brigham Young?  Anyway, so that was a fun little miracle.

On the downside, we are struggling hard core with our ward.  So, dad - what do you do when the new first counselor in your ward, who has been on the high council, has a drinking problem?  Then he tells us missionaries to our faces that it is our fault that the barrio (ward) is failing!  What can you do with that besides hope that Jesucristo venga pronto (comes soon)?  We were so bummed...all that we could do was say: no, we aren't working, that is definitely why this ward is failing...yea.  SORRY, this week really was hard.  I hope you have a better week and that all goes well.

But hey, this church is so perfect and there is an order that will always help to keep everything simple.  All that we have to do is follow that order!

Anyway, this week has really made me think about my own testimony, and how really, we have to pray, attend church, keep ALL of the commandments, and go to the temple in order to really develop our testimony and protect our home from the temptations of Satan.  He knows our weakness, but we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us perfectly.  He will never give us anything that we can't handle (1 Corinthians 10:13).
I hope you all have a wonderful week, and remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you, and that He gave us commandments so that we would be protected.  I love you!

Hermana Farish

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