Monday, November 17, 2014

Tree Stars and Killer Ants

Hola Familia!

How are you all? My enter key doesn’t work, so this is going to be formatted a little weird. I had a good week, it was really long, but good. You might be asking about the subject line, but it is for real. For those who have seen the land before time, you remember the tree stars? Well, they exist. Here in Paraguay. They are really big….Who knew? Just thought you would want to know. Also, there are killer ants. And they fly. They have these huge wings and so so big and gross…and they like divebomb you. Because it is so humid, they can’t fly very well, so sometimes during a lesson a huge ant the size of your bottom thumb joint drops into your lap or on your hand or your Book of Mormon…yah, we only freaked out once…

We had a good week, mostly because this week we really focused on the commitments to read, pray, and attend church. Because we didn’t have any investigators attend church last week, we really felt like we needed to step it up and focus on the importance of and the blessings that come from fulfilling the commitments. We did that, and lo and behold, we had an investigator come, Aileen Frankhauser. Aileen is 9 years old, and what was awesome was that her REALLY pregnant aunt brought her. Her aunt is a less active. The problem with this family is that they live really far from the church in the poorest section of our area, and they have to walk a ways to be able to find a bus. But they came. We taught them Saturday about obedience, using DyC 130 22-23, which basically says that when we obey a certain law, we receive the blessings that pertain to that specific law. Apparently it helped, and it was so cool to see them walk up and have them be there with us.

Something that I have really started to appreciate like never before is the Sacrament. It gives us a chance to look back over our week, see in what we need to improve, repent, and basically start over. With every week, I am beginning to appreciate it more and more. It is amazing the things that Jesus teaches us…everything has a purpose, and everything was planned to help us reach our potential as children of God. I love this gospel, and I love the hope and purpose that it gives us every day to be able to do all of the things that we have to do in order to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for my parents who taught me to love the Savior and to work hard to be able to gain my own testimony. I love you all, and I hope that you have a wonderful week.


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