Monday, November 17, 2014


Dear Family, 

This week, as very aptly described by the subject line, was bipolar. We had some fun moments, but some very not so good moments as well. On Tuesday, it rained all day, and it gave new meaning to a phrase that I have heard all of my life, but now I am going to apply it to mission life. My quotation mark key doesn't work, but it is, The mission isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to laugh, sing, walk, and proselyte in the rain. As missionaries, we can't really dance, so we do everything else instead. It was so cold, especially after Monday, when we felt that our faces were going to fry off.

One of the downer moments was a lesson that we had on Saturday. I am pretty sure it was the worst lesson that we have had thus far. We contacted the Centurion Family about 3 weeks ago, and they were really receptive and had a lot of questions. So, we came back and taught the plan of salvation, which went fine. But this last It like blew up. We were teaching the restoration and all of the sudden he began to ask a lot of questions about gay marriage and other things that made us suspect that he had read anti-Mormon literature...yeah. When my companion began to bear her testimony to try to bring the spirit back and finish the lesson, the wife, who hadn't said a word at all, began to just rip on her. She was so...bitter and angry, we were suprised. We tried again to bear testimony, but again, she was just so angry and bitter...we didn't really know what to do...if the person doesn't let you bear your testimony, what can you do? So, we said a prayer, during which the wife left, and we got out of there. It is suprising how much of an influence one bad lesson can have. The Spirit was NOT there.

On that happy note, we had a really good lesson on Sunday with Synthia. Synthia is the girl who is 24 and whose parents are actually practicing Catholics. She called us and said that her dad doesn't want us coming to the house anymore, so we met with her and Shirley at Shirley's house. It was a really good lesson, and we know that the Spirit was there. We just hope that she was able to feel it as well. Something that I learned this week was that we are going to have changes in our lives. Sometimes, it is going to...em...not be fun. But, we can learn and progress from these changes and challenges. 2nd Nephi 2!!!! I love you all, and I hope that you have a good week!


Hermana Farish

It was very cold outside!

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