Monday, January 18, 2016

Goodness in Everything #Godnevermakesmistakes

This week was CRAZY, we went to Itagua (about 2 hours away) on Tuesday and our PJC loop through Horqueta, Ybyjau and PJC Rama 4, getting home on Saturday morning at 10.  WHEW.

SO to be able to get to the faraway places, we have to take a cool double-decker tour bus thing, so we got on one, got settled in, and we realized we were right next to the trash can.  We were like, GREAT!!  That means that we won't even have to get up to throw things away!  Haha, it was so funny when Hna Noorda looked over after a few minutes and saw a few cockroaches...haha. We looked at each other and busted a gut and then said a VERY VERY heartfelt prayer:)

Itagua: I went with Hna Diaz, and we had a good day, with lots of contacts and we went to contact a new part of her area, and there were a ton of cool people, I am excited to see what happens with that.

Horqueta: I was with Hna Ross, but when we got there they told us that she was sick, so I ended up staying in half the day to clean their house and study. From what they told us, they have had some interesting experiences in the last two weeks that have been challenging, so I hope that in some way we were able to help them.

Ybyjau: I was with Hna Chamberlain, One thing that I really do like about her is that when she gives her testimony, she does it in a way that invites the Spirit, which is, ya know, kind of essential.

PJC Rama 4: I was with Hna Ashby, and we had a good day. We contacted a lot, and it was so nice.

We left Pedro Juan at 10:30 Friday night, and then about 2 hrs in our tire went flat, so what usually is a 7 hour trip ended up being a 10 hour one, but it was really nice, because I was able to see some parts of Paraguay that I had never seen before, and we were able to do everything that we needed to do on Saturday, even though we ended up getting home at 10:)

There were so many experiences this week that helped me to realize that God's hand is literally in everything we do.  There were so many things that could have gone wrong, and a few did, but in the end, they were what we needed, and I know that God is aware of us and that He knows what we need and when we need it.  We just have to have the patience to hang on a sec and see what He has in mind.

Home again, home again jiggity jig.  We had a couple of awesome days here in Salado. We have some great investigators, one of which is on track to get baptized this Saturday, and even though the majority didn't come to church, we went afterwards and had some great lessons on the dia de reposo and the Book of Mormon.

I asked for a priesthood blessing yesterday, just to help me stay focused.  I haven't had one in 18 months, so I had missed the priesthood A LOT.  It was so nice and sweet, and, like usual, I cried my eyes out.  I know that everything will turn out okay, and I am going to miss these people so, so much. Not the third worldness, though, I am SO EXCITED for a few things like:

a decent piano
central air conditioning
did I mention carpet?
and a washing machine  #smallthings

Yeah, I am scared, but excited.  I have learned so many new things in the last few months, and I am interested to see what kind of differences there will be because of the new things I have learned.  Its gonna be interesting.

But I am doing so well, we are so busy and it will keep me running until the very end.  That is what I want, and I hope that everyone knows that I am so grateful for this experience.  I love this gospel, and I now can apply it in my life and continually strengthen my testimony of the truthfulness.  It is the greatest.

We are both learning so much, and I am happy where I am at. Thank you for your time and have a great week! I love you all!!

Hermana Farish

Hammock in the kitchen.  The best!

Flooding in Paraguay.

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