Monday, January 4, 2016

Faith in the Face of Danger

Haha, so this week was crazy crazy.  We had 3 divisions Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, all in a place that is called Capiata.  It is about 2ish hours away from home, so we were there for 3 days straight.  We had some wonderful experiences, and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know some of the hermanas from the mission.  One fun/interesting experience that we had was in the last division, the sisters told us that they had a tarantula problem.  We were like...that's peachy, even more so because we sleep on the floor (haha, I saw Nate's pics...I feel your pain!!:)).  So, we had to decide how to accomplish this feat without breaking any we pushed the two beds together and all four of us slept on the two beds...I am not sure how exactly obedient that was, and afterwards, we were talking with my comp and we were like...what the heck???  Where was our faith?  If we had chosen to just sleep on the ground in spite of the tarantulas, that would have been better, because the Lord would have protected us...yeah, whoops.  Learning experience, that is for sure:)   So, if you are choosing between sleeping on the floor and being eaten by tarantulas or bending the rules, choose to sleep on the floor:)

A miracle that we saw this week was that we were contacting in our area again, and we contacted two ladies that were sitting outside their house.  At first they didn't seem to have a lot of interest, but we asked them a few questions and they let us in, we talked about the Book of Mormon and where it came from.  The mom, Karen, told us that she had recently separated from her husband, and that she was in search of peace.  Thankfully, in the intro of the B of M, it says that the Book of Mormon helps us to have peace, and learn how to hold onto it.  We have a lunch appointment with them on Saturday, so we will see what happens:)

Also, something cool was that President McMullin asked us to give a 40 minute training on how to plan in this months mission leadership council.  It was a privilege to talk and discuss with other missionaries how we can work more effectively.  We did that today and it was a party hardy. Something else that was just a ball of fun was giving my testimony in the MLC.  All of the people who are finishing are asked to do it, and I was like...this is not gonna be pretty, but it turned out great and I realized how much I really do love this place

Anyway, it was a good week, and I hope that you can all start the year off well and that you can love where you are at.  I love you!

Hermana Farish

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