Monday, July 13, 2015

It Is Raining Here!

Anyways, this week was CRAZY.  We were able to get a lot of new people, and we got to know the members and got some amazing references.  In this area we have lunch and sometime dinner every day, and we are dying from so much food. The best death ever:)

Emmm...We met an inactive named Lorena.  Her family is super active, they have a son in the mission, but she got married and stopped coming.  Her husband had been baptized, but he also stopped coming.  We had an amazing lesson this week, and they came to sacrament meeting!  We were kind of bummed because they hadn't come earlier, so we were sitting in sacrament meeting kind of depressed when we saw their little daughter run up front, and we turned around and they had come!!

We also had a progressing investigator.  We found him through a member family, we just went to their house and he just happened to be there.  Junior is 17 years old, and is fulfilling every single compromiso that we give him.  He has been coming to church for almost 3 months now, he is like gold.  And..he doesn't live in our area.  But hey, its all good, he is so strong and I know that the elders will do a good job with him.

Last night, we were stuck outside at about 8:30, and all of our plans had fallen through.  Our options were: walk home slowly or go follow up on contacts.  We decided to stop by a house we had contacted last weekend, a lady named Antonia.  We had set an appointment with her for Saturday, but she didn't answer when we went, So we decided to try again and we found her and had an amazing lesson.  When we contacted her last week, we left a card with the question, "will I be able to see my loved ones again?" and when she read the question, she started to cry, and we were able to testify to her of the plan of salvation, and when we went back last night, she told us that it would be okay to pass by again and talk with her and her husband. MIRACLE.  I was so proud of Hermana Cordova, she was able to testify to Antonia and the spirit was SO strong.  I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Something funny this week was that we found a lady named Snow White, who just happens to have 7 little grandchildren.  We are still laughing about that one. We clapped and she let us in, and we were like, AHHH FAMILY but it turns out that they were baptized a while ago..that has happened about 3 times now.  There are la lot of inactives but thats okay, gives us a lot to do.

Other than that, we have had a good week, Junior gets baptized next weekend, and we are working to find more.  I love this experience, and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me come.  I love you all and hope that you have a good week!

Hermana Farish

My new greenie, Hermana Cordova

P-Day Fun!

Can you shave a balloon?

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