Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seguir adelante con fe (Press Forward with Faith)

Hola mi familia,
This week went by fast and it didn't.  The days are really long, and it was really hot this week.  Like 116 degrees farenheit hot.  We have a converter on our phone from Celcius to Farenheit, and it was 40 to 46 Celcius, which is 104 to 116.  Yeah...we are drinking like 5 to 6 liters of water a day, it is ridiculous.  However, having said that, the week just flew by.  Halfway done with training, and trying not to freak out.  AAAHH!
The primary program in our ward was yesterday, and it was so fun to play the piano again and see those cute little kids singing "me encanta ver el templo" ( I love to see the temple).  It turned out really well, and I even got this little corsage thingy from the Primary President.  Cool beans.
We had our first clase de piano Saturday night, and had about 15 people come!  YAY! and tambien some non members.  It went really well, and afterwards I was able to work with a couple of the more advanced kids.  I have my frozen piano book, and when they heard it they were so excited! 
The highlight of my week was that I invested in basketball shorts...Hahah, jk, but it was pretty awesome.  I really, really like them.
Na, this week  we really focused on finding new people to teach, or finding those who are prepared to hear and accept the gospel.  Yesterday we went into a new part of our area, and we found a lady named Marcela.  After getting to know her a little bit, we asked her about her purpose, and why she thought she was here on the earth.  Her answer, word for word, was "Para sufrir."  (in order to suffer).  We were like...uh...say what?  As we taught her a little bit more, really focusing on her worth as a daughter of God, she began to open up, and turns out, she has had a more rough than usual life.  However, she accepted the baptismal invitation and we are hoping to be able to teach her again and help her realize that she has infinite worth to her loving Father in Heaven, and that He wants to live with her and her future family for eternity.
We were going back to our apartment last night when we heard a lady kind of yelling.  She was walking in front of us, kind of just yelling to the air.  We were like..what in the world?  And then we saw that she had a baby in her arms, the tiniest little baby that you have ever seen.  And she was holding it like a watermelon or something.  We walked a little faster and contacted her.  Turns out that her baby is less than a month old, she has a boyfriend who is on drugs, and is pretty close to being homeless.  We think that she was high at the time, and we didn't really know what to do, so we asked her what she needed and she said, " a prayer".  So we prayed, and in the process made sure that the baby was still alive.  It was, but it broke our hearts to walk away and abandon the lady to her crappy life.  We invited her to church and all that, so who knows?
One thing that I am really beginning to learn is that change is okay.  In this life, we are here to learn and progress from those things that change, whether  they be good or bad.  And in this process, we slowly become like our Heavenly Father.  SLOWLY.  And if we are righteous, we are promised so many wonderful blessings.  2nd Nefi 9 and Alma 5 are so amazing and promise the righteous the ability to stand tall in the presence of God in that day that will come to all of us, no matter what.
I love you all, and am so grateful for the opportunity to be together as a family forever.  So many people here have no purpose or hope for their existence, it is so sad. That is why we are here, is to help those who are ready realize their worth as children of God, and as such have purpose and an eternal potential.
Sorry, this is really long, but I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Hermana Farish pics...something was wrong with the memory card...sorry, next week.

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