Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another week gone by...

Querido Familia,

Another week gone by...REALLY SLOWLY. However, it was a good week, and we found so many families to teach! They are really struggling with the amount of priesthood holders here, so when we find men who are willing to listen, we get really excited.

Conference was PURETE (the guarani word for awesome:)). I watched the first three sessions in English (including the women's conference) and the last two in Spanish. I loved watching and listening in English, and the music was gorgeous. On Sunday, we had investigators in both sessions (yay!) so I was able to go and listen in Spanish. Obviously, I didn't understand as much, but I was able to focus less on what they were saying and just listen with the Spirit. Something really cool that I didn't know is that Elder Richard G. Scott translates his own talks into Spanish, so we could still hear his actual voice, just in Spanish. Also, everyone here was so excited when the two speakers spoke in Spanish for their talks. It meant so much more to them, and it was awesome to see their faces.

We had our own little miracle during the last session. There is this family that the missionaries have been working with since before I came, and honestly, I was wondering why we were still with them because they never attended church, never kept their commitments...but lo and behold, we invited them to come to General Conference, and they showed up for the last session! All four of them! We about had a heart attack when we realized who they were and that they were standing in the foyer of the church. Anyways, we sat down, and just before it started, Hna. Chempèn and I decided to say a prayer, and ask (again) that this family would be able to feel inspired and feel the truthfulness of this message. we were waiting...waiting..and BAM!!! the last talk with Elder Bednar...I am pretty sure that all of the missionaries around the world who had investigators at the conference thought they had died and gone to heaven. Seriously, Hermana Chempèn and I looked at each other and we just had tears running down our was an awesome experience and a testimony to me of prayer, prophets, and the power of the Holy Ghost. Now all we have to do is get them to the biggie. :)

Another highlight of this week was when we walked up to a house to follow up on a reference, and when we began to clap, we looked at their window and someone had stuck their hand out and was flipping us off...we just looked at each other and started to giggle. I am pretty sure people think we are nuts. Oh well, I keep telling myself it is either cry like a nut or laugh like one, so might as well laugh.

All in all, a good week, and now that conference is over, we get to buckle down and work hard for this next month or so. Can't wait:)

Something that I learned this week is that our older brother, Jesus Christ, is here with us. ALL of us. If we make a bad choice, He is there, just waiting to begin the healing process. I don't remember who said it during conference, but the gist of it was that our Heavenly Father and His Son know of every single step and success that we have. Whether it be we didn't eat another cookie (the struggle is real) or we were able to repent of a major sin, They know about it, and they are waiting to bless us. If we can have faith in Them and Their limitless love and patience, our lives and burdens will be so much easier to bear. Es la verdad. Mosiah 2 is an excellent chapter about the love of God for His children and how we can show our gratitude to Him.

I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Farish

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