Monday, September 14, 2015

The Most Unexpected Testimony I Have Ever Heard!

This week was so so so so so so so so crazy.  The time is flying by, and I don't like it.  It seems like there isn't enough time to do everything that we need to.

This Wednesday we went to the church to have piano class and there was no electricity.  We were like oh flip.  There were a ton of people there so we put the chalkboard outside and my companion and an elder had flashlights, so we had piano a la flashlight.  It was the greatest class we have ever had:)

Thursday we were stuck with nothing to do at like 8:30 at night, and it was so flipping cold that no one was outside, so we began to knock doors and we were walking past this one house and a man ran out yelling "hermanas, hermanas"!!!  And we were like...yep, drunk man, running away now.  We walked away really fast and he didn't come out of his gate.  Afterwards we felt bad so we went back and clapped and he came out and began to talk to us, 100% drunk and probably high as well, and began to talk about Joseph Smith and the plates and all of that stuff.  He told us that Joseph was a good man, I know that he did good things and a bunch of weird testimony things all bunched together. We will go back with a member to see what his real intentions are.

Another miracle was on Friday, we were walking to contact a new area and we walked past the house of an old contact, Jessica.  We had left a brochure of the Plan of Salvation with her and had tried to return several times, but she was never there or couldn't talk with us.  We felt the "hunch" (Elder Hughes:)) and so we clapped, and she came out and we had an amazing lesson about the necessity of infant baptisms.  She accepted the baptism invitation and we will see her again tomorrow.

Saturday we were feeling a little low, super tired, and we felt like we were lacking in finding quality nuevos (apart from Jessica).  The phone rang and we looked, and lo and behold it was President McMullin.  There are three reasons for which president will call you: 1-special changes, 2-interviews, 3-referrals.  So we had a 66% chance of coming out of it alive.  But as it turns out, President had a referral for us, Javier.  We called him and he committed over the phone to go to church:)  We will be meeting with him afterwards on Sunday.

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!  AND I LOVED IT SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Seriously, it just made my month.  I loved the cute notes and the pictures and the pillow case and everything about everything was just perfect.  Also, I got a letter from Brynn, could you tell her thank you for me? Cute girl.

Transfers are next week, and I honestly have no idea what is going to happen.  I would be perfectly happy staying with Hermana Cordova another transfer, but I am pretty sure one of us is going to go, I am not sure who.  Everyone is telling me that I am going to be a sister training leader, but I am pretty 100% positive that isn't going to happen.  I dunno, vamos a ver que pasa (we will see what happens). I am trying to have the attitude of "I am here to serve the Lord and what he wants will be what happens" kind of thing.  President was very complimentary in our last interview, and today (totally made me laugh) I greeted Hermana McMullin (President's wife) and she told me, "you look so good!" I laughed and thought, "I will just have to keep gaining weight" :)

And...apart from that, it was a good week.  Haha, I am reading the Book of Mormon and I was in the Isaiah chapters of 2nd Nephi.  About halfway through, I realized that I wasn't learning or understanding anything, even less because it is in Spanish.  So I started again with Isaiah, our relationship is a bit better, and I am going slower and marking all of the times that it refers to the Lord, and other events in the Plan of Salvation.  I realized that if I really, really want to learn something, all I have to do is be diligent and take my time, especially if it happens to be Isaiah in a foreign language:)

Sorry this was so long, but I hope that you all have a good week and that you enjoy the coming fall!!! I love you!

Hermana Farish

Happiness is a sugar overdose!

Hermana Cordova, Hermana Farish, Hermana Francani

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